Greg Gianforte & Besty DeVos: Champions of the anti-public education agenda

Gianforte led the crusade on school privatization in Montana

HELENA –Today as the U.S. Senate voted to confirm anti-public education billionaire Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education, Montanans must remember their own anti-public education crusader, New Jersey multimillionare Greg Gianforte, is vying for power, too.

Gianforte, who is seeking the U.S. House seat as the Republican candidate, "led the charge" on school privatization in Montana and has called for the same disastrous education policies as Betsy DeVos.

Like DeVos, Gianforte donated millions to special interest groups pushing for policies that would strip funding from public schools and put it toward private and religious schools. 

"Montanans will not forget New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte aligned himself with D.C. special interests that hurt Montana's public schools." said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. "With the confirmation of Besty DeVos as Education Secretary, Montana now more than ever needs a voice in the U.S. House that will fight for our local public schools."

This past year, Montana teachers and education advocates rallied against Greg Gianforte and his anti-public education views:

  • Gianforte led the charge on school privatization and has referred to public schools as “a monopoly.”

  • Gianforte’s Petra Academy, a private school which he serves as chairman, called public schools “a failed experiment.”

  • Educators criticized Gianforte’s controversial tax plan, which would have taken away $33 million from local schools to give tax breaks to the wealthy and out-of-state corporations.

  • Gianforte wrote letters to editor encouraging parents to move their children out of public schools and even claimed that it’s a “myth” that public schools needed more resources.


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