Gianforte's "Whistleblowers" Ad Uses Made-Up Quotes Again

Greg Gianforte’s new “Whistleblowers” TV ad once again uses non-existent quotes falsely attributed to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The ad also falsely attributes a headline to the Great Falls Tribune.  Despite the Bozeman Daily Chronicle calling out Gianforte’s previous “Hush money” ad  for being misleading and using “faux headlines,” Gianforte has once again released a new TV ad using made-up quotes and headlines.

This new ad is factually baseless and goes above and beyond in misleading Montanans. With Gianforte spending over $5 million of his own money to try to buy this election and blanket the airwaves with these false ads, it is incumbent on reporters to hold Gianforte accountable.
Read the Fact Check of "Whistleblowers" at this link

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