Gianforte's Trustworthiness Called into Question with Breaking Health Care Audio

HELENA -- New Jersey multimillionaire and failed gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte is struggling to explain why he purposefully misled Montanans about his support for the disastrous health care bill.

On Thursday, Gianforte told Montanans he needed more information before saying how he would have voted on the un-American Health Care Act (AHCA), but hours later on a secret call with Washington D.C. lobbyist donors, Gianforte praised the House passage of the bill.

News continues to break about Gianforte's secret call with D.C. lobbyists that illustrates he is just another politician that can't be trusted:

Billings Gazette: Gianforte's differing comments on Obamacare repeal illustrate political stakes

KPAX: Gianforte's conflicting health care comments scrutinized in NY Times report

MSNBC: On health care, Republican shares a secret sentiment with DC donors

Intelligent Discontent: Greg Gianforte Gets Caught ON TAPE Begging D.C. Lobbyists for $5,000, Lying to Montana Voters

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