Gianforte's Plan Takes Montana into a Deficit on Day One

Under Steve Bullock, Montana Named Most Fiscally Prudent State in the Country

Let's take a closer look at Montana's Rainy Day Fund, and a look at comments made by New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte:

  • As of today, Montana's current Rainy Day Fund is $320,161,859.
  • Under Steve Bullock, JP Morgan named Montana the most fiscally prudent state in the county.
  • Steve Bullock vetoed millions in spending to maintain $300 million Rainy Day Fund.
now look at Gianforte...
  • Gianforte opposed maintaining $300 million Rainy Day Fund, called for reducing it.
  • Gianforte advocated for more spending and irresponsible tax giveaways  that would have drained our Rainy Day Fund and put Montana's budget into a deficit.
  • Gianforte proposed policies that would have had a devastating effect on the state's credit ratings.

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