Gianforte's Campaign Lawyer is Actively Fighting Montana's Bipartisan Disclose Act

This week the Montana Television Network reported that New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte's campaign lawyer, Anita Milanovich, is actively working to dismantle the bipartisan Disclose Act, which was passed by the legislature to bring more transparency and accountability to Montana elections.

Milanovich works for the controversial James Bopp Law Firm based in Indiana, known for bringing the unpopular Citizens United case to the U.S. Supreme Court.
As MTN reports, Gianforte still refuses to support the Disclose Act.

"Not only does New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte refuse to support the bipartisan Disclose Act, but his campaign lawyer is actually working to tear it apart," said Jason Pitt, a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party."Montanans expect and deserve transparent elections, but Gianforte and his campaign would rather keep dark money in the shadows."

MTN News reported:
Gianforte said his campaign lawyer, Anita Milanovich, is affiliated with the Bopp firm, but that he hired her simply because she’s an excellent attorney on campaign issues. Milanovich is one of the lawyers working on the case challenging the Disclose Act.

Steve Bullock brought Republicans and Democrats together to pass the bipartisan Disclose Act making Montana's elections the most transparent in the nation. Meanwhile, Greg Gianforte funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to the groups that tried to kill the bipartisan Disclose Act before it even became law.

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