Gianforte Votes to Gut Antiquities Act, Breaks Another Promise

Helena – Yesterday, Multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte followed the marching orders of his party bosses and voted to gut the Antiquities Act, which allows for the creation of national monuments. The bill Gianforte supports would allow the president to drastically reduce the size of national monuments, in addition to limiting designations to 85,000 acres and creating a cumbersome approval process for all but the smallest monuments.
This runs counter to what he said repeatedly while running for office. Back in April he told MTPR, “Public land needs to stay in public hands. And by that I mean federal hands.”
If that is truly what he believes, then why would he vote to allow the size of national monuments to be reduced, permanently threatening public lands like the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument?
It’s not the first time he’s shown that his support for public lands is all talk. Back in 2009, he famously sued to block a public easement on his property.
“Congressman Gianforte hasn't been in office four months and he’s already voting to destroy protections for Montana’s public lands,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Our public lands are part of who we are as Montanans, but by breaking another promise to the folks he is sworn to protect, Gianforte has again proven he does not share or understand Montana values.”


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