Gianforte Outlines His "Principles" on Health Care

Helena – On Friday, Congressman Greg Gianfote sat down with Jackie Yamanaka of Yellowstone Public Radio for a discussion that included an extended exchange about health care and attempts to repeal and (maybe) replace the Affordable Care Act. During the conversation, Congressman Gianforte repeatedly called on the Senate to “do its job” of passing a bill while outlining what he described as his “principles” on health care:
“My principles have always been the same related to health care: we need to get premiums under control, we need to preserve rural access, and we need to protect people with preexisting conditions.”
That’s interesting, considering experts have repeatedly determined that the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act would make every one of those issues worse, by:  

And that’s the version of the health care bill that actually has a replacement attached to it.
The current Senate plan, to be voted on this week and supported by Senator Steve Daines, would repeal the ACA without a replacement, which would have even more catastrophic consequences for Montana families. So will Congressman Gianforte support a repeal and (maybe) replace of the Affordable Care Act?
“The Senate needs to do their job. And when they get done, we’ll have to take it up. We need to apply some discernment to it.”
Whatever that means.
Listen to the full interview here


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