Gianforte is Dangerously Silent About His NJ Tax Lien

Multimillionaire Refuses to Discuss What Led to his NJ Tax Lien

HELENA -- New Jersey multimillionaire and failed Gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte was asked about the NJ tax lien filed against him in the early 90s, but he refused to comment.
In Montana PBS's race profile, Vacancy in the House, reporter Anna Rau asked Gianforte about this tax lien, Gianforte refused to comment.

Gianforte made millions of dollars in New Jersey, the state in which this tax lien was issued against him. Montana reporters deserve to know: 
- How did this lien happen?
- What was its cause?
- And why is Gianforte refusing to discuss it? 



New Jersey native Greg Gianforte has a long history of avoiding questions, but Montanans expect and deserve honesty and transparency from their elected officials.

What is Gianforte hiding?

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