Gianforte Dumps Another $500,000 into Campaign to Force Dangerous Agenda Onto Montanans

New Jersey Multimillionaire’s Personal Contributions Now Exceeds Unprecedented $5.8 Million

New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte has dumped another $500,000 of his personal fortune into his campaign to buy Montana’s election and force his dangerous agenda onto Montana voters.

Gianforte’s personal campaign contributions now total an unprecedented $5,821,385 million. 74% of Gianforte's campaign's contributions came directly from his own checking account.

“Greg Gianforte is a modern-day Copper King who is using his personal fortune to mislead Montanans and force his dangerous agenda onto us,” said Jason Pitt a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "Montana isn’t for sale, and another personal check from Greg Gianforte doesn’t change the fact that he lobbied to impose a statewide sales tax on hard-working Montana families and sued to eliminate a public stream access point.”

In addition to spending more than $5.8 million of his personal fortune, Gianforte also opposes the bipartisan Disclose Act.  A court this week upheld the legislation, which Bullock says shines light on dark money organizations.

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