Gianforte Dumps $1.5 Million Dollars into Campaign to Buy Montana Election

Nearly 90% of his money this period comes from his own bank account

The latest finance report released today shows that New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte has dumped another $1,512,903  of his own money into his attempt to buy the Montana governor's office. This puts his self-financed campaign at $3,321,385, which is 66% of his total raised.

"New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte is spending millions of dollars of his own money to mislead Montanans about his questionable business record--including lobbying for a statewide sales tax calling it an 'ideal solution' and his history of outsourcing jobs to India and Armenia," said Jason Pitt a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "How much money does he think it will it take to hide his dangerous agenda from Montanans?"

The Billings Gazette, Montana's largest newspaper, today slammed Gianforte's misleading claims and questioned his business record, saying "Gianforte's jobs pitch may be a curveball."

Montanans just learned that Gianforte once personally lobbied lawmakers to impose a statewide sales tax, which would hurt working Montana families in order to benefit millionaires like him.

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