Gianforte doubles down: 'I stand by' discriminatory comments

Under fire, Gianforte leans into his disturbing views of American Indians

New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte this week doubled down on recent discriminatory comments he made towards Native American communities, telling a reporter he stands by his controversial views.

Behind closed doors on July 21 in Huntley, a recording caught Gianforte saying that Montana Indian Reservations hinder the free market and do not have "consistent rule of law, respect of property, a lack of nepotism, the ability to keep the fruits of your labor, and a cultural norm that celebrates success." 

Instead of apologizing, Gianforte doubled down on his controversial comments, claiming he "spent a lot of time on the reservations."  His bizarre defense comes even after the Crow Tribal Chairman Darrin Old Coyote said Friday that Gianforte "has no idea what Indian tribes are doing." 

"I would say he needs to do his homework on Indian Country,” Old Coyote added.

Watch Gianforte double down on his discriminatory comments here:



Video transcript:

Reporter: Can you explain the advice that you had to Native American entrepreneurs to maybe just start their businesses off the reservations rather than on the reservations?

Gianforte: Well I think its…this issue exists across all of Montana. We need more high wage jobs and I spent a lot of time on the reservations and doing entrepreneurial seminars and helping people and you know I stand by the comments that I made.

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