Gianforte Campaigns with Nation’s Top Public Lands Opponent

Gianforte Refuses to Rule Out Public Lands Transfer

New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte is hitting the campaign trail with the nation’s top opponent of public lands, State Senator Jennifer Fielder, who also runs the controversial American Lands Council. 

The American Lands Council actively pushes for the transfer of public lands to individual states, which will lead to the selloff of those lands to the highest bidder. 

Gianforte originally planned to hold this event at Fielder's office in Thompson Falls on the same day Fielder released a newspaper opinion detailing her plan to transfer Montana’s public lands.

“New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte is a threat to the Montanans who love our public lands and our state's strong outdoor economy,” Montana Democratic Party Spokesman Jason Pitt said. “During his campaign for Governor, Gianforte has made it crystal clear that he will stand with anti-public land extremists like Jennifer Fielder over Montana hunters and anglers time and time again.”

Gianforte has only told Montanans that he would not support transferring federal lands to the state “at this time,” leaving the door open for the future transfer of federal lands, and campaigning with Sen. Fielder ensures that door remains wide open and a threat to Montana’s outdoor enthusiasts. 

Gianforte has long supported Fielder, and has even donated to organizations that want to sell Montana’s public lands off to the highest bidder—including $27,500 to the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, a leading national advocate for a federal land transfer. 

Gianforte’s dangerous public lands record isn’t just limited to his checkbook or the company he keeps. 

The New Jersey multimillionaire also filed a lawsuit against the citizens of Montana to eliminate a popular public stream access easement near his mansion.

Montana’s outdoor economy generates over $6 billion of economic development each year, and that is why folks who love to hike, hunt, and fish are skeptical of Gianforte and Fielders’s anti-public lands record.

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