Gianforte Breaks His Word, Avoids Interview With Ben Jacobs

Helena – Standing in the courtroom minutes before being sentenced for his assault conviction, Congressman Greg Gianforte turned to Ben Jacobs and agreed to an interview on Capitol Hill. However, months later, Gianforte still has not granted Jacobs the interview, and now he appears intent on breaking his word in order to avoid answering important questions.
According to the Washington Post, Jacobs first reached out to Gianforte about an on-the-record interview on June 22, more than two months ago. However, according to a Guardian spokesperson, “So far, the Congressman has yet to commit to this interview.”
Of course, hiding from important questions is standard operating procedure for Gianforte. He still refuses to explain to Montanans why his campaign initially lied about the assault, despite being asked to do so at least five times in a row by the Associated Press.
However, breaking a promise he made in court on the day of his conviction is a new low, even for Gianforte. If he can’t even keep his word about an interview, what other promises is he willing to break?
“For months, Greg Gianforte has claimed he's taken responsibility for his assault conviction, often when it isn’t even the answer to the question he was asked,” said Roy Loewenstein, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Well, breaking your word and hiding from important questions is not taking responsibility, it’s an embarrassment unworthy of the United States Congress. By breaking a promise he made in court, Gianforte continues to prove why Montanans can't trust a word he says.”

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