Gianforte: A Statewide Sales Tax "Might be Alright"

Gianforte’s History Haunts Him on Whistle Stop Tour 

For the second day in a row, New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte’s so-called "whistle stop tour" has been haunted by his record of lobbying to impose a statewide sales tax on hard working, middle-class Montana families.
In Culbertson Tuesday, Gianforte was forced to explain himself again about why he lobbied for a statewide sales tax in front of Gov. Judy Martz's bipartisan Income Tax Advisory Council, when he said:

"The best solution, because our competition's at zero income tax rate and zero capital gains, would be to replace the current income capital gains rate with a sales tax.  Um, and I know that there are a few political issues and constitutional issues, but I didn't think I'd be fair in coming here and not saying that I believe that is the ideal solution."
Responding to a question from a voter Tuesday, Gianforte said"In the context of that discussion, it was a hypothetical about what if we could replace the existing tax with a sales tax. And I said well that might be alright, but it's not politically possible." Audio of Gianforte's exchange is online HERE.
Gianforte's support for a sales tax has been dogging him on the campaign trail this week, so much that he has resorted to lying to voters about it.
Monday in Belgrade, a voter challenged Gianforte about his lie that he "never" supported for a sales tax before berating the voter. Audio of that exchange is online HERE.

"Gianforte can continue to lie to Montana voters, which might be common in New Jersey, but folks here see right through it," said Jason Pitt, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. "It is clear Montanans are genuinely concerned about Mr. Gianforte record of advocating for sales tax, and pretending it never happened won't cut it."

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