Fox and Rosendale Stand Idly By As House Votes to Take Health Care Away From Millions of Americans

HELENA – Today, the House voted on a flawed and forced replacement of the Affordable Care Act, a bill which would kick thousands of Montanans off their healthcare, raise premiums for older Americans, and threaten affordable care for thousands of Montanans with pre-existing conditions, all while giving the wealthy a $600 billion tax cut.

The vote on this new “plan” took place with no committee hearings, no markups, and no idea how much it will cost. It also took place with no word from Auditor Matt Rosendale or Attorney General Tim Fox – two statewide elected officials pining for attention, except when it comes to taking a position on a tough subject.

But we do know that Fox has called for the dismantling of the ACA, and also helped kill a Medicaid expansion initiative in 2014. And we know that Rosendale has been outspoken about his support for repeal of the ACA, and has sided with Washington politicians who want to move toward block grant funding of Medicaid, which is included in this flawed plan.

“Montanans need increased access to affordable healthcare, not a plan that would raise costs and cut off access for seniors and those with pre-existing conditions,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Matt Rosendale and Tim Fox need to show leadership and accountability and tell us where they stand on this plan to raise costs and kick Montanans off their insurance.” 

After House leadership couldn’t get enough support to pass their original healthcare bill in March, they amended the bill to:

  • Allow insurance companies to charge Americans with pre-existing conditions more in out of pocket costs, for example:
    • $4,340 / year for asthma
    • $5,600 / year for diabetes
    • $20,450 / year for drug treatment
    • $17,320 / year for pregnancy
    • $142,650 / year for cancer
    • Let insurance companies limit payments for catastrophic illnesses, meaning Americans who have employer-based health plans would pay more out of pocket if they got sick,
    • Gut $880 billion from Medicaid, hurting older Americans, people with special needs, and working families,
    • Defund Planned Parenthood. 


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