Former RightNow CFO: Gianforte's experience is 'eliminating jobs'

Montana Television Network tells the other side of candidate's claim

The Great Falls Tribune says Greg Gianforte, who made millions in New Jersey before coming to Montana, has a "tendency to talk without having the facts to back him up." And a new must-see report by Montana Television Network News reporter Mike Dennison reminds us why.

Dennison took a closer look at Gianforte's former company, RightNow Technologies and interviewed former Chief Financial Officer Susan Carstensen. While Gianforte is running on his claim of being a job creator, a look at his record shows that he helped companies cut costs by eliminating jobs and shipping American jobs overseas.

“Greg is a single-issue candidate, saying `I’m going to create jobs,’ but his experience is in eliminating jobs,"
 his former CFO, Susan Carstensen said.

That's right. Greg Gianforte claims he creates jobs, but own top executive says the candidate's experience is eliminating jobs.

Carstensen also points out that RightNow "even contracted some of its own work overseas, hiring software engineers in Armenia and India."

Armenia and India? That's hardly the business experience that Montanans deserve or expect from their Governor.

Dennison reported: "When asked if Carstensen's charges were true, Gianforte didn't answer directly." 

Of course, outsourcing jobs is nothing new for Greg Gianforte:

  • A May 12, 2009, article in Forbes magazine states that RightNow Technologies takes “the concept of outsourcing to new levels.”
  • And in a recorded conference call on April 25, 2005, Gianforte told investors that “the bigger drivers in our business have been the movement toward outsourcing.”

The fact is that Gianforte made his millions off of technology that shipped American jobs overseas.

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