For IMMEDIATE release: Montana Republican committee violates campaign disclosure laws

HELENA – The Montana Democratic Party filed a complaint today with the Commissioner of Political Practices against the Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee for failing to abide by Montana’s campaign disclosure laws (Complaint attached).

Recently, the Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (MRLCC) sent out campaign brochures featuring various Republican legislative candidates along with Congressman Ryan Zinke. The MRLCC is registered as a “political party” per the Disclose Act, championed by Democrats and some Republicans in the 2015 Montana Legislature to keep dark money out of campaigns.


However, the organization has consistently failed to meet filing deadlines. For 164 days in 2016, the MRLCC has failed to file reports required by law.

 “We find their failure to follow the law disturbing,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan. “Montanans expect our elections process to be honest and transparent. The Montana MRLCC’s blatant disrespect of the law is a direct affront to the legislation passed in the 2015 Montana Legislature to create the Disclose Act and the will of Montana voters.”

 The Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (MDLCC) – a program of the Montana Democratic Party – is working with 127 legislative candidates in 2016, countless volunteers, generates a plethora of campaign literature and still manages to meet every single reporting deadline without excuse.

 “Montana Democrats practice what we preach,” said Amanda Frickle, director of the Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “Transparency, honesty and willingness to abide by the law aren’t just Democratic values – they’re Montana values.”


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