For immediate release: Missoulian calls out Congressman Zinke


The Missoulian editorial board is calling out Congressman Ryan Zinke for his unyielding support of Donald Trump. In it's weekly huckleberries and chokecherries roundup, the daily gives Congressman Zinke sour marks
Chokecherries to Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke for his misplaced remarks during a recent luncheon in Missoula. Instead of holding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accountable for some of his more crude and clownish statements, Zinke sought to shift the blame for Trump’s “big mouth” to the media. “The media is never going to be on his side,” Zinke told about 120 people gathered for a fundraiser. “He’s gonna say the sky is blue and the media is going to call him racist because he didn’t mention red or white…” Montana’s only representative in the U.S. House ought to be able to explain his support for Trump – and hopefully articulate any differences of opinion – without resorting to such badly placed hyperbole.
Congressman Zinke is the last man standing by Donald Trump as his Republican colleagues are now denouncing Trump. Fifty GOP national security experts say Trump is unfit to be President, and the list of prominent Republican leaders against Trump continues to grow.

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