Flashback Friday: Gianforte Spent St. Patrick's Day in Washington D.C. to Break his Own PAC Pledge

Failed Candidate for Governor Caught in One of Many Lies to Montanans

HELENA -- To celebrate St. Patrick's Day last year, many Montanans went to Butte and Anaconda. But NJ multimillionaire Greg Gianforte flew to Washington D.C. to raise PAC money for his failed Gubernatorial campaign. 

This trip to D.C. came just weeks after Gianforte pledged to Montanans that he would not raise any PAC money. The Associated Press caught him in one of the many lies Gianforte told throughout 2016.

March 17, 2016:

Event raises questions about Gianforte’s PAC pledge
Associated Press // Bobby Caina Calvan



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