Fagg Leaving Job Early, Bailing on a Backlog of Court Cases

Helena – Instead of serving the full six-year term that voters elected him to serve, sitting Judge Russell Fagg is “retiring” next week, while Yellowstone County residents are forced to wait for justice amidst a backlog of court cases.
While Fagg continues to run an unethical shadow campaign for Senate as he hears cases as a sitting judge, state officials are left trying to fill his position when he retires next week,according to a report in the Billings Gazette.
The back-up of cases is so bad in Yellowstone County that the Montana Legislature approved funding for two new judge positions to help with the backlog.

So what is Fagg doing? Leaving early, and leaving his seat vacant until it can be filled, which surely won’t help with the backlog of cases in Yellowstone County. That, of course, is in addition to the untold administrative costs to taxpayers for having to go through the process of selecting someone to replace him as he pursues his political ambitions.
For more on Fagg continually skirting ethics to run his shadow campaign for Senate:



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