Fagg in Favor of Health Care Proposal that Cuts Funding for Montana

Helena – Sitting Judge Russell Fagg, who is exploring a run actively campaigning for Senate while still hearing cases as a judge, went on the radio this week – because obviously generating earned media is an important part of the exploring process – and advocated for a health care program that would likely end coverage for 80,000 Montanans and put care for the elderly and children at risk.
Fagg said he liked the controversial Washington idea of block grants for Medicaid as part of the Graham-Cassidy health care bill. As we all know, Graham-Cassidy failed earlier this week because it had bipartisan opposition and couldn’t even earn a simple majority in the Senate. Block granting Medicaid was part of a proposal that the Billings Gazette said made Montana a “big loser.”
From the Billings Gazette:

Their bill would put some of those funds into block grants that states could use on health care as their state leaders decide.
But there would be less in the block grants in total, and states that expanded Medicaid or had a larger proportion of people getting premium credits or subsidies under the ACA would get substantially less federal assistance.
If we think the cuts under consideration now are bad, the cutbacks in Montana health services under Graham-Cassidy would be much, much worse.

And from Fagg, Tuesday morning on Voices of Montana

I like the idea of the block grant program.


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