Fagg Continues to Insult Montanans’ Intelligence by Claiming He Didn’t Know If He Was Running for Senate the Day Before He Announced

Helena – In an absolutely laughable claim that defies logic, Russell Fagg said today that even the day before his announcement to run for Senate, he didn’t know if he was going to run.
The statement came in an article about how candidates use exploratory committees to skirt federal laws. In the face of an FEC complaint that he was unethically running a shadow campaign for Senate while still a sitting judge, Fagg of course had to make that claim to continue his shtick and try to avoid getting in trouble.
Fagg in Roll Call: “Even the day before the day I announced, I had a real serious reflection time about, ‘Should I do this, is this the right decision for my family, for the state?’”
But even that statement doesn’t pass the smell test.
Just look at what he was doing the day before the day he announced – his campaign was advising to the media a series of events around the state to “announce the results of his U.S. Senate Exploratory Committee.”
Would he have really held eight events all over the state over a course of several days to tell people he wasn’t going to run?
The simple answer is no.
In those same weeks leading up to his announcement, Fagg was:

As an election lawyer quoted by Roll Call put it: “There is no way this guy hadn’t decided he was going to run when he announced he was going to step down.”



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