Fagg Bailed on 1,100 Cases in an Overburdened Court System So He Could Run for Senate

Helena – Former Judge Russell Fagg – currently in the midst of an ethics issue plaguing his fledgling campaign – left behind 1,100 open court cases in Yellowstone County so that he could pursue his political ambitions and run for Senate, according to KTVQ.
Fagg quit last month instead of serving the full term that voters elected him to serve. And Yellowstone County – which is already so backed up that the Montana Legislature voted to approve funding for two new judge positions to help with the backlog – is finally filling Fagg’s vacant seat this week.

Which means that for more than a month – in addition to the untold costs to taxpayers for having to go through the process of selecting someone to replace Fagg – Yellowstone County has had a judge shortage to go along with a backlog of cases so Fagg could pursue his political ambitions.
This news comes just a couple weeks after Fagg announced he had hired legal representation to help him defend against charges that he was unethically running a shadow campaign for Senate while he was still a sitting judge.
“Russell Fagg continues to disappoint,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Not only was he raising money and operating an unethical shadow campaign for Senate while he was a sitting judge, but he also bailed on 1,100 open cases in an overburdened court system. Montana voters can’t trust Fagg to work for them, only to do whatever is best for his own political career.”



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