Facts vs. 'Gianfiction': Why Greg Gianforte Can't be Trusted

New Video Series Highlights Greg Gianforte Misleading Montanans 

The Great Falls Tribune called out New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte for having a "tendency to talk without having the facts to back him up." To show how Gianforte is purposefully misleading Montanans about his past, the Montana Democratic Party released the first of a three-part Facts vs. 'Gianfiction' video series highlighting Greg Gianforte's false statements on the campaign trail.


Gianforte continues to mislead Montanans about his lawsuit to keep Montanans out of a public access point on the East Gallatin River.

And the list goes on:
  • Gianforte is trying to hide his record of lobbying to impose a statewide sales tax. 
  • Gianforte outright refuses to answer questions about the millions of dollars he has donated to pro-discrimination groups.
  • Gianforte is not leveling with Montanans about profitting off of helping companies outsource jobs overseas.
  • Gianforte told a tall tale about Facebook, a claim that was proven false by Facebook itself.
  • Gianforte touted that he was endorsed by the Montana Wood Products Association. He was not.

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