Facts vs. 'Gianfiction': Greg Gianforte Distorts His Dangerous Record Supporting Discrimination

Video Series Highlights Greg Gianforte Misleading Montanans

This week the Montana Democratic Party is highlighting Facts vs. 'Gianfiction,' a series showcasing New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte's record of misleading Montanans on the campaign trail.

Facts vs. 'Gianfiction' Part Two highlights Gianforte's outright refusal to answer questions about the millions of dollars he has given to pro-discrimination groups. 


When Montana PBS asks Gianforte to justify giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-equality groups, Gianforte stumbles, and resorts to misleading talking points.

As Gianforte tries to hide his pro-discrimination record, there are many other ways he continues to mislead Montanans on the campaign trail, including:
  • Gianforte misled Montanans about his lawsuit to keep Montanans off of a public access point to the East Gallatin River that crossed his property. 
  • Gianforte tries to hide his record of lobbying to impose a statewide sales tax. 
  • Gianforte is not leveling with Montanans about profitting off of helping companies outsource jobs overseas.
  • Gianforte told a tall tale about Facebook, a claim that was proven false by Facebook itself.
  • Gianforte touted that he was endorsed by the Montana Wood Products Association. He was not.

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