Facts don’t matter to Congressman Zinke



Congressman Ryan Zinke’s loose grasp of the facts didn’t serve him well in his first debate with State Superintendent and U.S. House Candidate Denise Juneau on Monday.

While Juneau delivered a clear message about her successful record with Montana students and support of Montana’s people, land, and economy, Congressman Zinke didn’t have a record to stand on so he chose to be creative with the truth. 

 We thought we’d remind him:

  • LYIN’ RYAN SAID: He didn’t miss any votes to campaign for Donald Trump or that the votes weren’t critical.FACT:  On May 26, 2016, Congressman Zinke missed a vote to fund critical Montana water projects and another to provide funding for the VA, because he was stumping for Trump in Billings.

  • LYIN’ RYAN SAID: OPI has “over 1,000 people in it.” FACT: OPI employs around 180 staff members.

  • LYIN’ RYAN SAID: said he opposes the Veterans First Act (which Denise supports) and said both the VFW and the American Legion oppose it. FACT: Both of those groups support the Veterans First Act.

  • LYIN’ RYAN SAID: Denise’s budget at OPI “increased by about 65 percent the last 10 years. FACT:Congressman Zinke can’t do basic math. He’s off by 50 percentage points. 

“It’s easy to see why Congressman Zinke has a loose grasp of the truth,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “When you spend all your time in Congress searching for a new job and promoting your own brand and no time learning about the issues important to Montanans, it’s easy to lose track of the facts. Thankfully, Denise Juneau has the opportunity again Thursday to remind Congressman Zinke that the facts do matter.”

Thursday’s debate will be held at the Petro Theater on the Montana State University-Billings campus, starting at 7 p.m. The debate will air on KULR 8 television for Billings viewers and will be streamed live at 



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