FACT CHECK: Gianforte Stopping Outsourcing?

Well, that’s an LOL

HELENA – Unless you were hiding under a rock throughout New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte’s failed campaign for governor last fall, you probably know how he profited off of helping companies eliminate jobs and ship them overseas. In fact, he built his business on making it easier to outsource – and outsourced jobs to Asia himself.

But now that he’s trying to buy another Montana election, Gianforte is on TV saying he will “stop the terrible trade deals that send American jobs to places like China.”

Does Greg Gianforte really think Montana voters are that naïve?

Gianforte’s company developed software that makes it easier to outsource and eliminate jobs. And when the Billings Gazette last fall asked Gianforte about his business practices being tied directly to outsourcing, he went “silent” and “wouldn’t comment” any further.

But now that Gianforte is bringing up outsourcing in one of his own campaign ads, “no comment” won’t cut it. Voters deserve to know why he puts profits over jobs.

As for China – Gianforte’s financial disclosure statement shows he has more than $25 million invested in foreign companies, including over $1.2 million in China. And if you look closely, you’ll see he also owns stock in Swiss banks that have paid $8 billion in fines for helping wealthy Americans shield billions in assets from the IRS.

Gianforte, keeping jobs on U.S. soil? Maybe he meant to put the ad out for April Fools’.



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