Elsie Arntzen can't dodge her anti-education record


HELENA --When Elsie Arntzen isn’t busy trying to buy the State Superintendent election or hanging out with her anti-education, extremist friends, Arntzen spends her free time distorting her record and support for public schools and our children.

Recently, Arntzen stated that she would, “put education ahead of special interests.”

But as we all know, actions (and facts) speak louder than words:

“We cannot afford to have someone leading our public education system who has routinely tried to dismantle and destroy it at every turn while serving in the Montana Legislature. You couldn’t find a candidate more tied to special interests than Elsie Arntzen,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan. “Elsie’s supported by individuals and groups that would take resources away from our public schools and teachers. Montanans deserve a public school leader who actually believes in public schools. Montanans deserve to have Melissa Romano fighting for their kids and their communities every day.”


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