Did Matt Rosendale Do Any Actual Work on His DC Trip?

Helena – Yesterday, Marylander Matt Rosendale was back in his familiar East Coast confines, making it no secret about being in Washington, as he alternately tweeted from his taxpayer-funded and campaign Twitter pages.
Rosendale said he was there talking to “senators” about health care, but he only actually named one senator, Steve Daines. Here is an important photo Rosendale posted of their presumed health care discussions as he sat behind Daines at a committee hearing that had nothing to do with health care.

In a letter earlier this week, Sen. Jon Tester requested Rosendale, in his critical role as insurance commissioner, provide Montanans with transparency and an honest explanation about why their health insurance costs might go up this year.
Rosendale sent out a photo of him in Tester's office delivering his letter that was supposed to be a response to Tester's concerns, though he unfortunately didn’t actually respond to the concerns Tester expressed. After, Rosendale posted an awkward video about his hand delivery, proving the whole thing was just a political gimmick. 
Rosendale was probably just trying to impress Washington insiders, who he is presumably trying to convince to back him for Senate after their two top choices passed. He is yet to post a gimmicky video following any of those potential meetings.
So, did Montana taxpayers pay for this trip? Because as far as we can tell, Rosendale hasn’t done much actual work on behalf of Montanans, aside from delivering a letter that probably could have been mailed.
And if the taxpayers did pay, we deserve to know what Washington political insiders he met with to discuss his potential Senate candidacy.


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