Despite the odds, Zinke-Trump bromance will never end


Congressman Ryan Zinke continues to stand by Donald Trump’s side, even as many Republicans begin distancing themselves from The Donald.

In fact, Congressman Zinke has been a stalwart support of Trump since his endorsement in the spring.

Their mutual love began when Congressman Zinke endorsed Trump on Fox and Friends:

“We need a Commander in Chief that’ll put our interests first, and Donald Trump will be that Commander in Chief,” Congressman Zinke said. “We need to have a dialogue of critical thinking and not hid behind terminology and be so politically correct.”

Here’s what Donald Trump’s “critical thinking” looks like: 

“Donald Trump has never been fit to be our President,”
 said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Congressman Zinke standing by the worst Presidential candidate in our country’s history shows just how unfit Zinke is to remain as Montana’s Congressman. 


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