Democrats lead on Equal Pay while Republicans stay silent


HELENA -- From the Montana Legislature to the U.S. Senate, Montana’s Democrats believe in equal pay for equal work and have been taking action to close the wage gap.

Currently a woman working full-time year-round earns just 72.5 percent of what a working man earns, putting Montana 45th in the nation for workforce gender pay equity. Democrats in Montana are actively working to close that gap.

Unfortunately, though, Republicans don’t appear to care about closing the wage gap.

  • New Jersey multimillionaire and failed gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte said equal pay isn’t a “big deal.” And now he wants to take that attitude to Congress?

  • Republicans voted down Sands’ SB 217, which would have provided for paycheck transparency as a first step in closing the wage gap.

“Supporting equal pay for equal work means supporting Montana families and a stronger economy for all,” said Kristen Cates, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Creating good-paying jobs and strengthening our economy shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but Republicans’ refusal to act on behalf of Montana women and families makes it one.”


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