Democrats hold Trump, statewide Republicans accountable


BILLINGS -- In advance of Donald Trump’s visit to the Treasure State today, the Montana Democratic Party held a press conference yesterday to hold him, Greg Gianforte and Ryan Zinke accountable. Simply put: Trump and statewide Republican candidates don't share Montana's values.

 Here’s a quick recap of the media coverage.






Democrats in Billings blast Trump ahead of rally


Only a day before Donald Trump’s arrival in Billings, Democrats spoke out against their biggest GOP opposition.

 Local and state Democrats had some harsh words for the Republican presumptive presidential nominee and his supporters in a press conference in Billings on Wednesday.

 The group challenged Trump’s qualifications for president and said he does not share Montana’s values.

“He claims he raised six million dollars, and now his campaign has finally admitted that he has been lying about that all this time,” said state Rep. Kelly McCarthy from Billings. “And then you have (Republican U.S. Rep.) Ryan Zinke who runs on his veteran status quite a bit just ignore stuff like that. That’s horribly offensive to the veteran community.”

"When it comes to workers' rights, Trump and Zinke are way off," said Montana Democratic Party Chairman Jim Larson. 

"Let's dump Trump and his comrades," said Rep. Carolyn Pease-Lopez of Billings. "Ryan Zinke and (Republican candidate for governor) Greg Gianforte do not, and will not represent us.”

Montana Democrats said they want send the message that voters do have "better choices than Trump."


Congressman Zinke endorses presidential candidate Donald Trump

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 In a press conference Wednesday, Montana democrats respond to Trump's visit to the Billings and Zinke's endorsement of the presumptive Republican nominee.

 "The news of Donald Trump as a fraud and a conman doesn't surprise anybody, his own party actually acknowledges that fact freely," State legislator Kelly McCarthy from Billings said. "More bothering to us in Montana, is that Montana's lone representative in Congress, Ryan Zinke, with the state with the highest percentage of veterans per capita, not only fails to call out Trump for his mistreatment of veterans -- Ryan Zinke endorsed him and now this morning I just learned he wants to be his vice president."

Trump backed by US Rep. Zinke on eve of Montana rally



 That didn’t stop Montana Democratic Party Chairman Jim Larson from linking Trump’s economic policies to those of Gianforte, a Bozeman businessman.

Tax plans offered by Gianforte and Trump offer similar “massive tax handouts to millionaires,” Larson said, adding that both plans risk upsetting the economy.

Gianforte will not attend the Trump rally because of a previously scheduled meeting with the Montana Mining Association, campaign spokesman Aaron Flint said. Responding to Larson’s claims about tax breaks, Flint said Democrats “have been killing coal jobs” in the state.


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