Debate Recap: Will the Real Gianforte Please Stand Up?

Gianforte Fails to Defend His Dangerous Past on Sales Tax, Discrimination, Outsourcing, Stream Access, and Public Education

Bullock to Gianforte: “Will You be the Greg Gianforte of the Last Ten Years, or of the Last Ten Months?”

After New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte failed to explain why he lobbied to impose a statewide sales tax on hard working, middle-class Montana families, or why he sued Montanans to block public access, or why he supports policies that would strip funding from public education and give it to private schools, Steve Bullock iasking the New Jersey multimillionaire a simple question:

“I think Montanans deserve to know, will you be the Greg Gianforte of the last ten years, or of the last ten months since you decided to run for office?”



Bullock asked the question of Gianforte during Saturday's debate in Great Falls, but Gianforte never answered the question.

Since Gianforte launched his campaign to buy the Governor's office, he has attempted to whitewash his dangerous record on many issues important to hardworking, middle-class families.

Gianforte lobbied for a statewide sales tax and called it the “best solution” for Montana—which would force Montana families to pay more for everything from clothing to groceries.

Gianforte's tax schemwould give massive new breaks to millionaires like him at the expense of our balanced budget.

Gianforte supports policies that would strip funding from public education and give it to private schools, and he even called public schools a “monopoly” and is part of organizations that say public schools are “a failed experiment.”

Bullock also slammed Gianforte during the debate for arguing that businesses would be “more willing to locate in towns” that discriminated against Montanans, filing a lawsuit against the people of Montana to eliminate a public stream access easement on his property, and outsourcing jobs to India and Armenia.

Montanans are still waiting for Gianforte’s answer.

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