Debate Recap: What Should Gianforte’s "406" Tax Scheme Stand For?


4 = FOR Millionaires Like Himself

0 = Rest of Us Will Get Practically NOTHING

6 = We Have to Deep SIX This Scheme

 HELENA – Steve Bullock this week redefined New Jersey millionaire Greg Gianforte’s "406" tax scheme, which blows a hole in Montana's budget surplus in order to fund tax giveaways to millionaires while providing little to middle-class Montana families. 

“Under his tax plan, he'd get $54,000 tax cut, teacher or a firefighter would get less than $100 bucks,” Bullock told Montanans during Saturday's live debate.  “I think the four stands for- for millionaires like him.  Zero stands for the rest of us would get practically nothing.  And the six is, we ought to deep six this plan.” 




Bullock is not the only Montanan slamming Gianforte’s tax scheme.  Non-partisan University of Montana Political Science Professor Rob Saldin called Gianforte’s 406 tax plan “a cute marketing strategy” that likely wouldn't create "high wage jobs.” And the Department of Revenue said "it could trigger consequences in the budget of not only the state but for schools, fire districts and cities across Montana." 

Earlier this month, Gianforte refused to support Steve Bullock's push for a Constitutional Amendment permanently banning a statewide sales tax in Montana after audio surfaced of him testifying that imposing a sales tax on hardworking Montana families is “the best solution” during an Income Tax Advisory Council hearing.

 Montana has been recognized as having the fairest tax system and the 6th best business tax climate in the nation.

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