Debate Recap: Bullock Catches Gianforte in Lie, Reads Lawsuit Aloud

New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte is still lying about his lawsuit against the people of Montana to eliminate a popular public stream access site to the East Gallatin River, saying during Saturday's debate that he "never blocked access."

Then Steve Bullock set the record straight with evidence of Gianforte misleading Montanans: he read aloud Gianforte's actual lawsuit.


Today the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported that "court documents don't quite match up" with Gianforte's claim that he "never sued to block access."

Gianforte filed his lawsuit against the people of Montana in 2009 to eliminate a public stream access easement on his property outside of Bozeman, and then criticized Montana's Fish, Wildlife, & Parks department for trying to expand access.

As Bullock noted, the easement was in place years before Gianforte moved to Montana from New Jersey.

Gianforte has given thousands of dollars to several groups, including Americans for Prosperity and the Heritage Foundation, which advocate the transfer of federal lands to the state and the selling off of public lands to the highest bidder.

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