Daines Votes Against Providing Relief to Storm Victims. Again.

Helena –  Just weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey devastated south Texas and Louisiana, dropping more than 40 inches of rain on America’s fourth largest city, displacing tens of thousands, and killing at least 71 people. As the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency concluded that the storm could be the second-most costly disaster in United States history, there was widespread, bipartisan consensus that Congress must act to help the victims of the storm.
It seems Montana’s junior Senator, Steve Daines, disagreed.
Yesterday, the Senate overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan aid package which will provide $15 billion in disaster aid to victims of Harvey, 80-17. Daines opposed the measure, apparently unable to bring himself to vote to help those affected by the storm, many of whom have lost their belongings, homes, and businesses.
Of course, this isn’t the first time Daines has voted against storm victims. As a member of the House of Representatives, he voted against helping those affected by Superstorm Sandy, which caused $65 billion in damage and killed 160 people.
Despite his consistent voting record, Daines has been strangely silent about why he believes that victims of Hurricane Harvey are unworthy of disaster relief. But we’re sure he has a good reason.


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