Daines and Gianforte Refuse to Stand Against Raising Insurance Premiums on Montana Families

Helena – Yesterday, two of Montana’s insurance providers indicated they will be forced to raise insurance rates on tens of thousands of Montanans because of Washington’s cruel decision to end the Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments last week. While Senator Jon Tester and Governor Steve Bullock demanded that Montana families not be forced to pay the price for Washington’s dangerous crusade to destroy the health care system, Congressman Greg Gianforte and Senator Steve Daines seemed to endorse the move.
Last week, as it appeared that two of the three insurance companies in Montana’s health exchange would be forced to leave the market, Gianforte called the CSR payments “unconstitutional.” Daines went further, saying the program that helps thousands of Montanans afford their health insurance is a “bail out.” Daines’ and Gianforte’s comments come after their repeated attempts to destroy the current health care system were rejected by Congress and the American people.
“Washington’s decision to intentionally hike health insurance premiums on Montana families in an attempt to destabilize the health care system is appalling and disgraceful,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Jon Tester and Steve Bullock are fighting on behalf of working families because Montanans expect real solutions from their leaders, not political pandering. It is a dark stain on our state that Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte not only refuse to stand up for hardworking families, but appear to spinelessly support this cruel Washington policy that will raise costs on their constituents.”
According to the Independent Record, certain plans from the Montana Health Co-op could see their rates rise an additional 20%, while others from PacificSource could rise 11%. Roughly 25,000 Montanans rely on the cost-sharing reduction payments to afford their health insurance. The average payment is more than $1,000.



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