Congressman Zinke’s still trying to cover up his terrible public lands record

 HELENA -- As Superintendent and U.S. House Candidate Denise Juneau unveiled a plan on Wednesday to protect and enhance our public lands, Republican Congressman Ryan Zinke is trying to use smoke and mirrors to distract voters from the truth.

“Congressman Zinke has a shameful record when it comes to public land and he’s going to say and do anything he can to distort the fact he’s no Teddy Roosevelt,” said Kristen Cates, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.

Zinke’s shameful record on public lands includes:

In 2012, he signed the Montana Constitutional pledge, a conservative document which included resolutions to sell off public lands.

Constitutional pledge Zinke

In 2014, he supported the Paul Ryan budget, which called for selling federal lands to pay down the debt. [Billings Gazette, 4/25/14; Great Falls Tribune, 10/6/14HConRes 25 p. 116]

 In 2014, Zinke opposed the bipartisan North Fork Watershed Protection Act, which would protect 430,000 acres of federal land in Montana from development.

 In 2015, Zinke voted for requiring the BLM to sell 30,000 acres of federal land along the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma to current and adjacent landowners. [CQ, 12/9/15; H.R. 2130, Vote 686, 12/9/15; CQ, 12/9/15; H.Res. 556, Vote 683, 12/9/15.

And let’s not forget his most recent vote:

 In June, he voted for HR 2316, a resolution that would transfer public lands management authority to politically-appointed boards and would sell off up to 200,000 acres per national forest.

 “While the Congressman attempts to bob and weave around his shady voting record, Denise Juneau has introduced her public land priorities which call for collaboration, access and cutting red tape,” Cates said. “Montanans deserve a Congresswoman in Washington D.C. who consistently keeps her promise to serve our people and protect our public land.”


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