Congressman Zinke's statement on Trump too little too late

HELENA -- For months Congressman Ryan Zinke has stuck by Donald Trump's side as he has degraded women, minorities and veterans. And after this latest revelation that Trump outright promotes a culture of sexual violence, Congressman Zinke is still sticking by Trump's side.

Enough. Nearly two dozen Republicans have withdrawn their support of Trump today and some have called for him to step down.

Meanwhile, Congressman Zinke prays Trump has changed.

"When Donald Trump attacked Congressman Zinke's fellow comrades, he stayed silent. When Trump attacked individuals with special needs, Congressman Zinke stayed silent. When Trump attacked minorities, Congressman Zinke was silent. It's clear Congressman Zinke is more interested in his own future with Donald Trump than he is common decency,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. "At this point Congressman Zinke's silence speaks volumes about his own character. Montanans value integrity, honesty, respect for all people and leaders who stand up and call out individuals when they are wrong. How can any man look his daughter, wife, sister or mother in the eye and say they are voting for Trump? Montanans are better than this. We wish Congressman Zinke was better than this.”


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