Congressman Zinke leaves for a seven-week vacation, failing to move Blackfeet Water Compact forward



HELENA -- Congressman Ryan Zinke is headed for a seven-week vacation today after failing to do his job for Indian Country.


Congressman Zinke has been in the U.S. House for nearly 18 months, but chose to wait to introduce the Blackfeet Water Compact the week before heading to Browning for a parade. Congressman Zinke has had 18 months to move this bill forward, but has repeatedly failed to do so. 


“Once again, Congressman Zinke is all talk and no substance,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Our friends in Indian Country have waited far too long for action on the water compact and it’s irresponsible for Congressman Zinke to leave Washington without doing his job.”


Congressman Zinke said in April 2015 that the Blackfeet Tribe had waited long enough on the water compact, but they needed to keep waiting: “The Blackfeet deserve a timely and definitive ruling on their agreement. Tribes, states and local citizens are left in a perpetual state of uncertainty. The tribe has waited long enough.” However, just three months later, Zinke said that the process was “long” and that the Blackfeet and Salish-Kootenai compacts would not be resolved before the end of the Obama presidency. [Great Falls Tribune, 4/21/15; Flathead News Group, 7/8/15; US Rep Zinke, 7/6/16]

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