Congressman Zinke goes to Cleveland, forgets about Montana



HELENA – Congressman Ryan Zinke’s trip to the Republican National Convention included at least 13 interviews with national media and just three mentions of the state and people he’s in Congress to represent.

 The Hill reports Congressman Zinke is now a surrogate for Donald Trump, which was made very clear when Zinke defended Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech on CNN

 The Billings Gazette even called out Congressman Zinke for defending 1,400 stolen words.

 [R]ight after the convention, on television network CNN, Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke said that Trump's speech didn't belong as top news of the day. 

"I'd cut her a break, because I think she did a great job," Zinke said.

In other words, we should admire her dishonesty because she did it with style. That's like admiring robbers in a stick-up because they wore clever masks. – Billings Gazette

 Media Outlet                         Times Congressman Zinke Mentioned Montana

 WBIC-Indianapolis                                           0 

 Hugh Hewitt                                                     0  

 Fox Business (Lou Hobbs)                              0 

1510 Boston Revolution                                   0  

Chicago Morning Answer                                 0 

 Fox Business                                                  0 

 Breitbart                                                          0

Imus in the Morning                                         1  

 CNN                                                                0 

ABC/Yahoo                                                      1

CBS News                                                       0 

PBS News Hour                                               1 

Fox News                                                        0  

 It’s not the first time Congressman Zinke has forgotten about the very people who sign his paycheck. Back in May, Congressman Zinke skipped critical water votes to stump for Donald Trump.

Trump is my guy. He is the nominee. I think he’ll be a phenomenal President,” Congressman Zinke told WBIC last week.


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