Congressman Zinke doesn’t work for working Montanans


 HELENA – Montanans can’t trust Congressman Ryan Zinke to stand up for them and their families when he votes to weaken the middle class and line the pockets of the wealthy.

“Congressman Zinke has been in office nearly two years and has yet to do anything to support our hardworking Montana families,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “The Congressman’s voting record shows he doesn’t support fair wages and is more interested in protecting corporate interests than Montana consumers.” 

Let’s take a look at his failed record:

  • Congressman Zinke Opposed Raising the Federal and State Minimum Wages:During his 2014 campaign for the U.S. House, Congressman Zinke stated his opposition to raising the federal minimum wage to $10 an hour. In 2008, Zinke also indicated that he opposed increasing the state minimum wage. [Helena Independent Record, 4/25/14; Project VoteSmart, 2008 Political Courage Test]

  • Congressman Zinke Voted Twice to Block Consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act: Zinke voted twice to block the U.S. House from considering the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that sought to end the pay gap between men and women and ensure equal pay for equal work. [H. Res. 189, Vote #148, 4/14/15; Bloomberg, 4/14/15; Democratic Leader – Previous Questions, 4/14/15; H. Res. 200, Vote #154, 4/15/15; Democratic Leader – Previous Questions, 4/16/15]

  • Congressman Zinke Supported Raising Taxes on Working Families, Giving Tax Breaks to Millionaires and Companies that Outsource:  Zinke supported Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget that would lower the top tax rate to 25 percent for the wealthiest taxpayers and raise taxes on middle-class families with children by an average of $2,000. The plan would also include exemptions on profits that companies make overseas. [Billings Gazette, 4/25/14; New York Times,4/01/14; Center for American Progress, 4/1/14; Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 1/31/13; Bipartisan Policy Center, 4/1/14]

  • Zinke Opposed Expanding Child Care Tax Credits: Zinke opposed expanding the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit and creating tax incentives to encourage low-income students to attend college. [CQ, 3/25/15, H. Con Res 27, Vote 139, 3/25/15]

“The choice couldn’t be any more clear this year,” Keenan said. “The only person who has outlined her plans to take care of Montanans and stand up for all of us in Washington D.C. is Denise Juneau.”


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