Congressman Zinke commends state sponsor of terrorism Saddam Hussein

Tonight in Cleveland, Congressman Ryan Zinke will deliver a speech on “national security and leadership.” Maybe he’ll continue to commend Saddam Hussein.

Doubling down on Donald Trump’s comments about Iraq’s former dictator, Congressman Zinke told reporters on camera recently that he thinks human-rights abuser Saddam Hussein was a talented killer:

“On the question of terrorism and hunting terrorists down, Saddam Hussein was effective, because he was a brute.”


“On one point—on terrorism—he was good at it. That’s what Mr. Trump says, and I agree.” 
[CSPAN, 07/07/2016]

Media and politicians alike have slammed Trump’s statement as dangerously false:

  • “[Saddam] harbored or funded some of history’s most infamous killers and jihadists, including the current chief of al-Qaeda, and plotted numerous terrorist attacks of his own, including an attempt to assassinate former president George H.W. Bush with a suicide bomb. Long before the U.S. invasion of 2003, his regime was formally identified by the State Department as a state sponsor of terrorism. That Mr. Trump would insistently assert the opposite serves to underline not only his profound and disqualifying ignorance of foreign affairs, but also his creepy and dangerous affinity for dictators.” [Washington Post, 07/07/2016]
  • Politifact rated Trump’s comments “mostly false.” [Politifact, 07/07/2016]
  • Iraq War Veteran Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL): "It was ludicrous… I’ve always had a deep concern that he [Trump] has a fundamental lack of knowledge about foreign policy.” [CNN, 07/07/2016]

FACT: Saddam Hussein was a state-sponsor of terrorism. By agreeing with Trump, Congressman Zinke is giving undeserved credit to a ruthless tyrant who was responsible for bankrolling suicide bombers and encouraging a violent brand of extremism.

With just a few hours left until Congressman Zinke’s speech at the Republican National Convention, we should all seriously question the judgement of Montana’s representative.


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