Congressman Zinke called out for failing Montanans

HELENA -- Many of Montana’s largest newspapers have now taken Congressman Ryan Zinke to task for failing to be a true representative of Montana.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle said he’s not interested in serving Montanans:

And Zinke has welcomed suggestions that he be considered for the office of speaker of the House and the vice presidential nominee for Trump. Frankly, we don’t see how that ambition better serves Montanans.”

The Montana Standard criticized Zinke’s continued pursuit of a promotion:

"We believe that in Congress, Juneau would be more interested in policy than such fanciful flights of self-promotion.”

And The Missoulian expressed frustration with his lack of action:

“Count us among those not entirely satisfied with his performance in Congress and deeply troubled by his continuing commitment to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.”

“Congressman Zinke has failed, time and time again, to represent Montanans while looking out for his own self interest. It’s time for him to go back to his home in California,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “We know Denise Juneau will put Montana first when she’s elected as our next Congresswoman.”


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