CAUGHT ON TAPE: Gianforte Misleading Montanans About Hiring Foreign Workers

New Jersey Millionaire Tries to Rewrite History of Hiring Foreign Workers While Laying Off Montanans 

As former CEO of RightNow Technologies Greg Gianforte applied for 66 visas for foreign workers to come to Montana and other states--a record he is trying to rewrite while running for governor.

The New Jersey millionaire's company applied for the H-1B visas (temporary work visas) between 2001 and 2011 (See the details HERE).  2001 was also the year Gianforte announced he was laying off more than two dozen Montanans.

But on the campaign trail, Greg Gianforte wants Montanans to believe a different story.

At a campaign stop in Plentywood, Gianforte told a Montanan that RightNow Technologies' focused its energy "not getting foreign nationals to come" but rather "getting Montanans to come back home."

Hear the newly released audio of Gianforte misleading Montanans HERE. It shows just how far Greg Gianforte is willing to stretch the truth in an effort to try to cover up a record that doesn't sit well with Montanans.

Bringing in foreign workers is a common practice in the tech industry. Why? According to a researcher at the Economic Policy Institute, “by bringing in cheap labor, high-tech employers are able to suppress wages."

You read that right. Hiring foreign workers allows high-tech companies to suppress wages--the sole reason Greg Gianforte claims he's running for governor.

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, one of Gianforte's laid-off employees was Ann Marie Gooden, a single mother who told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle "I'm a single parent, I have a family to think about"

This shouldn't be a surprise to any Montanan. After all, Mr. Gianforte's own former Chief Financial Officer this weekend told MTN News that "RightNow even contracted some of its own work overseas, hiring software engineers in Armenia and India."

Because Mr. Gianforte is running for governor on his business credentials, Montanans deserve to know: 
  • Why did Gianforte lay off hard-working Montanans while hiring foreign workers?
  • Why did Gianforte lie to a Montanan who asked an honest question about his business record?
  • What else does Gianforte not want Montanans to know about his business record?

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