Bullock Earns Endorsement of Outdoor Industry Association

Unprecedented Gubernatorial Endorsement is First of It's Kind

Gianforte Continues to Mislead Montanans About His Lawsuit to Terminate A Public Stream Access Point

HELENA – Today the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) announced their endorsement of Steve Bullock over New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte for Governor. This endorsement is the first time OIA has endorsed in a non-federal, statewide race. 

You can read OIA's endorsement here: LINK.

“Steve Bullock has a strong record of protecting access to Montana’s public lands and isn’t afraid of standing up to wealthy out-of-staters who think they can shut the public out from places we share,” said Jason Pitt, a spokesman for Bullock’s campaign. “Montanans don't trust Greg Gianforte, and we are pleased the Outdoor Industry Association understands the importance of Steve’s clear leadership in this critical campaign.”

This endorsement also comes as Gianforte continues to mislead Montanans about his record of trying to eliminate a public stream access easement near his Bozeman mansion.

He falsely tried to explain that his lawsuit wasn’t about access, even though Montana’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks reported that Gianforte “actively excluded the public” from the access site.

Gianforte also said he wants more local control of federal lands and left the door open to transferring their costly management to individual states, saying only that he doesn't support a transfer "at this time."

Transferring the responsibility of managing federal lands to states is the first step in selling off those public lands to out-of-state billionaires and millionaires who are eager to put up fences and gates.

Gianforte has also given thousands of dollars to controversial groups that have pushed to privatize and sell off our public lands, and groups that fought Montanans constitutional right to access streams and rivers.

This stands in stark contrast to Steve Bullock who unveiled a comprehensive plan to responsibly expand access to public lands.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association Montana's outdoor industry generates nearly $6 billion in economic activity every year and is responsible for more than 64,000 direct jobs.

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