BREAKING: Students Protest Greg Gianforte, Ask College to Condemn “Discriminatory Rhetoric”


 HELENA – The student paper at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey is out today with a scathing overview of a campus controversy surrounding a famous alum – New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte.


According to The Stute, students have started a petition asking the college to explain why they are “honoring Greg Gianforte in light of what he stands for, condemn the discriminatory rhetoric of the groups who received donations from Greg Gianforte, and reaffirm their commitment, in actions and not just words, to be an inclusive campus regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.” The school is planning to dedicate a building in Gianforte’s name after receiving more than $20 million in donations.

This gave us a bit of déjà vu – Montana State University students protested naming their computer science school after Gianforte last year because of his support for “anti-gay hate groups.”

Looks like Gianforte’s fringe policies are no more popular with students in his home state of New Jersey than they are here in Montana.

More from The Stute:

The petition notes Gianforte’s opposition to LGBTQ protections ordinance in Bozeman, MT, as well as over $1.5M in donations to the Montana Family Foundation, Focus on the Family, Alliance Defending Freedom, the NJ Family Policy Council, the Family Research Council, and the American Center for Law & Justice.


Four of the aforementioned organizations have public stances against legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. Both The Family Research Council and American Center for Law & Justice have opposed efforts to legalize homosexuality in Uganda and Zimbabwe – the former classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The American Center for Law & Justice supported an effort in Kenya to remove an exception to the country’s abortion laws that allows abortions to take place if the mother’s life is at risk. The petition also mentions Gianforte’s donations to a creationist museum and the Heritage Foundation.


 The Torch Alliance, Stevens’s LGBTQ organization stated “We find it disappointing that donors who are so generous to the future of students pursuing higher education have such outdated views. However, The Stevens Torch Alliance remains true to its mission statement to be an educational and community tool for this campus. Individuals who feel marginalized by recent events are more than welcome to visit our meetings or contact us.”


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