BOMBSHELL: Multimillionaire Gianforte’s Employees Said They Were Underpaid and Undertrained

Former RightNow Technology Manager: "Greg Bragged About Paying People Less Than Competitors"

After Reports of Outsourcing and Hiring Foreign Workers, Employee Testimonies Provide the Latest Blow to Gianforte's Business Record

As New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte boasts about his record as a businessman, an early profile of his business reveals that his record tells a different story.

A story recently uncovered from the archives of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, quotes employees who criticized Gianforte and RightNow Technologies for undertraining and underpaying his employees, undermining Gianforte's story about high wages.

Jim Busse, a former RightNow Technologies Manager:
“In the early days if you would hear Greg talk he would say he has a tremendous advantage over his competitors, because he’s paying people quite a bit less."

“They attempted to put people on the phone with a fairly minimal amount of training.”

Tom Kuegler, a former RightNow Marketing Vice President: 
“They don’t pay anything near the industry standard."

Scott Ballinger, a former RightNow Corporate Account Manager:
"You’re a professional and the way they motivate you is by threatening you."

The article profiles workers who said Gianforte purposefully underpaid his employees, and that he oversaw a working environment that delivered a series of “empty promises.”

This latest criticism of Gianforte’s business record at RightNow Technologies comes on the heels of reports that Gianforte applied for foreign worker visas in the same year he laid off more than two-dozen Montanans.

Additionally, Gianforte’s Chief Financial Officer disclosed that RightNow Technologies outsourced jobs to India and Armenia, and Forbes Magazine even praised Gianforte’s company for “taking the concept of outsourcing to new levels.”

Gianforte’s former employees aren’t the only ones criticizing his record at RightNow Technologies.  Last week the Billings Gazette Editorial Board criticized Gianforte for dodging questions about outsourcing jobs and wrote, “When he's asked about his job creation and wage growth, he remains silent.”

With less than a month to go before Election Day, voters are getting an opportunity to evaluate Gianforte’s real business record, and it is becoming crystal clear, Montanans aren’t impressed with Greg Gianforte’s New Jersey style of business.

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