Blast from the Past: Great Falls Tribune to Gianforte: 'Back Off Bubba'

Years before Greg Gianforte decided to run for Governor, the Great Falls Tribune's popular "The Edge" column slammed him for admitting that moving to Montana from New Jersey was an “oversight” and adding “had we done our due diligence, Montana would not have been our state.”

The Tribune told Gianforte, then head of RightNow Technologies, to “Back off Bubba” after he made his comments to the Income Tax Advisory Council in 2002 – the same meeting in which Gianforte lobbied to impose a statewide sales tax on hardworking Montana families.

A recently discovered recording of Gianforte's admitting his decision to move to Montana was an "oversight" is available online HERE. When asked where Gianforte might have gone instead of Montana, he responded, "could've been Wyoming."

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