AUDIO: Angry Gianforte Berates Montanan for Challenging Sales Tax Lie

 After saying sales tax is 'best solution' for Montana, Gianforte now says 'I never advocated for a sales tax' 

Greg Gianforte’s whistle stop tour got off to a rocky start this morning when a Montana voter challenged the New Jersey millionaire about his record of lobbying to impose a sales tax on hard working, middle-class Montana families. 

During a campaign stop at Café M in Belgrade, the voter asked Gianforte about his recent lie that he "never has" supported a sales tax.

"I've never advocated for a sales tax,” Gianforte claimed this morning before angrily berating the Montanan and doubling down on his lie.

"That is not true," the Montanan said, before Gianforte responded with, "Well, you're wrong."

Listen to the full exchange HERE.

In 2002, Gianforte said the following during testimony before Governor Judy Martz's bipartisan income tax advisory council:

"The best solution, because our competition's at zero income tax rate and zero capital gains, would be to replace the current income capital gains rate with a sales tax.  Um, and I know that there are a few political issues and constitutional issues, but I didn't think I'd be fair in coming here and not saying that I believe that is the ideal solution."

Today isn’t the only time Montanans have raised concerns about Gianforte’s support for a statewide sales tax.

Gianforte was asked about his support for a sales tax during a tele-townhall forum earlier this month.  A right-wing radio host recently confirmed that Gianforte brought up the possibility of creating a sales tax in Montana.

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